In the time that has passed since this page was originally created, the Kernel Seed has gained a lot more notoriety than I expected. Not only that, there are a lot more places on the web that mention Pappy's Kernel Seeds by name. It would be the height of impropriety to not mention these other sites. So, through the use of my statistics counter, and other sources around the 'net, I give you an updated version of my links page. Enjoy!

Kernel seeds wouldn't exist in the first place without The Linux Kernel Archives. They are the source of The Source; the original code upon which all other kernels are based. This is the home of the Linux kernel.

This page is one of the biggest secrets to my success. Send the results of lspci -n to this page, press the "check" button, and know all needed drivers. No need for second guessing. No long Google sessions to find the right drivers.

This is the home of Zen source kernels. They are the only kernels I use on all of my personal systems. If you want the fastest kernel sources available, or you want the bleeding edge of kernel code, give Zen sources a try. Why walk when you can fly?

Having written a couple of documents that became wiki's at their site, I've become quite a fan of Gentoo Quebec. Many thanks to d2_racing and aramis_qc for their support and friendship. Vive le logiciel libre! is powered by Gentoo Linux. My heartfelt thanks to everyone in the Gentoo community for truly making me feel at home. A special thanks to NeddySeagoon for hosting the original pages, and the failover. Your aid is most appreciated.

Funtoo Linux is a Linux distribution developed by Daniel Robbins and a core team of developers, built around a basic vision of improving the core technologies in Gentoo Linux. I wish to thank the Funtoo Community for adding my kernel seeds to your documentation.

While my first go around with was frought with annoyance, owing to the rudeness of some in the Slackware forums, I do thank all those who use my kernel seeds that come from various forums at their site.

A site for those in Russia who use Linux, I found myself represented in more than one place. Dasvidaniya, my friends, and thanks for using my seeds.

A site for Russian Gentoo users. Once again, I found numerous mentions of my kernel seeds. My deepest thanks to my Russian users. You guys always fill up my recent use map so well. Dasvidaniya!

Considering the nature of the kernel for Ubuntu and its derivatives, I was quite surprised to find links to my site from there. I guess a good idea knows no boundaries. Thanks for the links, guys!

A site devoted to professional and enthusiast programmers. I found more than one mention of my site. Fair is fair, and here is their link from mine.

Inclusions and Wikis

I also have my seeds showing up in Linux Sea, an online handbook with Gentoo as the OS used. Thanks to Sven Vermeulen for the inclusion in his project.

I was asked to write a couple wikis for Gentoo-Quebec. I obliged with wikis for the b43 wireless driver, and the broadcom-sta wireless driver.

I've done a few other cool things, most of which will eventually find their way here. My favorite document so far that I've written here is my how-to make xscreensavers ignore root status.I did that so those who prefer to run as root can enjoy screen savers, like everyone else.

Once again, if I forgot you, or you wish to link from this page, please let me know so I can include your link. If you'd like to link to this page, please contact me. Thanks.

There will definitely be more added to the list. Please check back periodically for updates.