Above And Beyond


For some time, I've spoken of making an "Above and Beyond" page; specifically dedicated to those who have donated to the project. These donations are in the form of time, code, space leased on a server, and those wonderful, lovely people willing to part with a dollar or three in the pursuit of moving the world of open software, specifically Linux, forward.

Circumstance and necessity have slowed progress. This is to be expected when working for free, and working with people for free. Things get done, but the when tends to move further down the road, so to speak.

But enough rigmarole, let's get on with honoring the names of those who have donated in a non-monetary way.

The list naturally begins with NeddySeagoon

NeddySeagoon was instrumental in getting the site off the ground by offering me space on his server. The failover server still uses NeddySeagoon's machine, even if the DNS service can't get their failover setup to work properly. He continues to serve as a fact checker and part time proofreader, when he has a minute...which isn't often.

The next name on the list is Audiodef

Audiodef has also given much of his time as a proofreader. He is also my go-to guy when it comes to html coding questions. His friendship and assistance with this project have been extremely helpful.

The next name on the list is jason

His artwork is what makes this site what it is. Without it, this site wouldn't have the flair it has. Without it, my concepts would still be stuck n my head. Without it, this site wouldn't be cool. He also redid the html a bit to give it the cool text shadow.

Last but not least on this list is VinzC

VinzC offered his talents by rewriting the how-to page. He significantly decreased load time on the page, as well as put the Debian driver database into the page such that it could be used from within. Cool stuff.

Monetary Donors

Money is way too tight to mention, and that's what makes the people who have donated money to the site true champions. It was those donations that made this server possible. Going forward, future donations will go far in getting a hosting site that has a much more reliable IP address than mine. To be sure, I'll always keep an open channel to a server here at home. But, to put up everything I want to put up on the site requires bandwidth that I couldn't afford to pay for in any other fashion.

It is my hope that those who would like to donate will see this page as one more reason to donate to It is my further hope that by writing this page, I let those who have helped me with cash know I am a man of my word, even if it takes a small amount of time to make promises come true. I appreciate you more than this trifle of a page can say.

I also want to be clear that I consider barter as a monetary donation. If you have extra computers or parts thereof, and you don't mind sending them my way, I will definitely add your name to this list. An extra 250~750 gig hard drive is always a good thing, especially in case of a crash. An extra computer is always handy, especially when it can be turned to cash with ebay.

Without further ado, here is the list of monetary donors. I thank one and all on this list for their donations.

geburns Moriah XQYZ
Ronald Olsen gtomy Heartburn
Bob A.Martin d'AnjoustuNNed
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My most humble thanks to everyone who is named on this page.